Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keys to Achieving your Goals

Happy Birthday to Me!

My son brought home a huge envelope of papers that he had in his desk. In it was a notice from the lunch lady that we owed money. Thanks Noah for letting me know!!! Kids and their desks. Noah is so compulsive about clean rooms that I get surprised when I find out how much stuff he can cram into his desk.

One paper that was in this stack stood out to me. Its title was "5 Keys to Achieving your Goals". Wow, this is 4th grade and he is learning the same thing that I am trying to learn at 51. I thought that this list was a great addition to this blog. I have many blocks to achieving my own goals and I'm sure that others have their own blocks. These ideas are very basic but true.

1. Appreciate yourself and believe in yourself.
2. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
3. Be enthusiastic.
4. Develop self discipline.
5. Build a better you.

What I notice about this list is that these items are directed inward. We need to start with how we see ourselves, not how others see us. This is the most difficult step in finding our way down our path to our future. We are talented and our talents will always be there, but if we see ourselves as unworthy then we will never take that first step. We need to do what we can to build a better us. It's hard to not look at ourselves through the eyes of others but that is what we need to do. We really need to see ourselves through the eyes of God who sees us as simply "loved".

Begin walking the path to a better view of yourself. You are talented, beautiful, wonderful.

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